Fixed Canopy Residential

Fix Canopy Residential

We are the best Fixed Canopy Residential Manufacturer in pune.Different homes have different requirements. Based on these requirements, we design, manufacture, and install the perfect canopy for you. These canopies are designed by considering the size, shape, color, and interior of the home. So, you get the best canopy for a home that further beautifies its ambiance. As all our canopy is made from high-quality material, you get a solution that is durable and long-lasting.

The types of canopy in Pune we provide are- Terrace canopies, Bull Nose canopies, etc.In case you have any questions or queries related to Fixed Canopy Residential, please Contact Us.

  • 1. Retractable and Fixed
  • 2. Manual and Motorized
  • 3. Waterproof and Fire Retardant
  • 4. Twofold Side Coated and Single Side Coated
  • 5. Plain Fabric and Stripes Fabric