Tensile Structure Manufacturer In Pune

Tensile Structure

We are the best tensile structure manufacturer in Pune.We are instrumental in providing Tensile Structure. rish Enterprises are the leading Tensile Structure Manufacturing, producing a high-quality range of outdoor awnings, car parking sheds, outdoor canopies, and tensile structures, among other things. Our team is made up of highly experienced specialists and devoted people that have worked with tensile membrane constructions.

A tensile structure is made up of just tension-carrying parts that don't bend or compress. Tensile is not to be confused with tensegrity, which is a structural form that combines tension and compression. The most frequent kind of thin-shell construction is a tensile structure.

  • 1. Low-carbon energy-saving,ecological,environmental.
  • 2. Large span of architectural space
  • 3. Modeling diversity/more freedom of building physical shape
  • 4. Short construction period

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